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What better way to launch the Westworld Mobile app than to literally recruit people to work at Delos? By treating Delos as a real company, we were able to encourage people to take control of their future and build a better world. 


To promote career opportunities at Delos Destinations, they added a Careers tab to recruit the best new talent. Check out the open careers at Delos and discover where you might fit in here.  Users can also skip and go straight to the training simulator here.

placement test

To make the job application process more seamless, we created a placement test that places people into the 8 different departments at Delos. Not sure where you fit in at Delos? Click here to take our Placement Test or browse through the experience below. 

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One of the many people who shared the experience was Shannon Woodward, an actor on the show. Turns out the test was so accurate that it placed her in the same role that she plays on the show.

corporate recruitment

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Elaine Cox // Group Creative Director
Austin O'Connor & Phil Van Buren // Associate Creative Directors
Emma Kolb // Co-Art Director
Chiara Gustafson & Dexter Ho  // Copywriters