Amnesty International partnered with Mattel to help educate people about the impact of the refugee crisis and the serious, damaging effects it's having on everyday people.

Together, they created the Human Heroes Collections, a line of action figures that tell the personal stories of people who've been displaced in this conflict. By focusing on real human stories in a unique way, the Human Heroes Collection brings stories full of love, tragedy, heroism and hope to a larger audience.



To continue reading the story of each Human Hero, head to their website. You'll find the collection of all the toys' stories. The stories will be updated with new chapters as they continue to unfold. You can also see the real face behind individual Human Hero. With every donation, you're helping bring each Human Hero's story closer to an end. 



Each Human Hero wears a wrist band in support of human equality. Every box also comes with a human sized wristband for consumers to show their support and opposition to the Muslim ban as well.



Cameron Hamlet // Copywriter