PROBLEM:      Recently, Georgia has gone from 10th to 2nd in the amount of annual HIV diagnoses. With the Atlanta Metropolitan Area making up over half of Georgia's population, it's important to raise awareness in the heart of the Peach State.  

SOLUTION:      Statistics love being boiled down to one in this, and one in that. What if there was no one? PRODUCT (RED) and the city of Atlanta decided to team up to try and raise awareness about the homegrown epidemic that's plaguing Atlanta.


To remind people about HIV prevention, we placed turned well know city landmarks red, each corresponding to different glaring statistics.


Double-paged ads in Atlanta-based magazines designed to draw readers attention.

Tagline: Eliminate the One 


Close-ups of the banners placed near all the outdoor ambients.


Risky behavior can often be traced back to bars. While you might call these coasters a mood killer, we call them life savers.



Kady Carter // Photographer
Tiffany Shepperd  // Photographer