Problem: Parks close at night even though many people get off of work right as the sun begins to set. 

Solution: Philips Hue launched ILLUMINATE, to take back the night by lighting up parks all night during winter months. 




As daylight savings ends Philips Hue wants to ensure you get the most out of free spaces. We'll light up one park in major cities every few weeks until daylight savings time resumes. Using different color LED lights, we make the experience fun and immersive so everyone can enjoy nature instead of sitting at home waiting for the sun to come up.


Shadow GAME

People avoid dark places at night due to the uncertainty and danger that lurks in the shadows. Therefore, Illuminate encourages people to find the fun in the dark. Illuminate wants to make people embrace their shadows as well as provide a safe place for people to cast them. 



Erin Smith // Copywriter